High quality is thrown around on a lot of sites, and with every company that lists their products as such, high quality means different things. But at Imperial Highland Supplies, high quality is a trait that we live by when creating a custom kilt. We consider high quality to mean the following aspects:

  • Each kilt is hand sewn using meticulously implanted, small, tight and even, hidden stitches.
  • Each kilt is custom made to ensure the proper fit and maximum comfort.
  • Each kilt crafted out of the highest-grade acrylic wool, 12 ounce blended tartan material.
  • Each kilt has been made entirely by hand to ensure the best possible quality in the outcome.
  • The straps used for adjustments on the kilt are all made from top-quality leather and metal.
  • We have more than six reputable years in the online kilt making business and have worked with more than 4,000 happy, well-taken-care-of customers.
  • Our accurate and user-friendly measurement system means that your kilt is guaranteed to fit the way you want it to fit.
  • If you aren't happy with the kilt, we offer a Love it or Burn it policy where you can burn the kilt and get your money back with our 100 percent money back guarantee.