Question: Still, British army uses a Military drummer Jacket?

Answer: Green Drummer Military Doublet- Bespoke is a traditional dress for the Drummers of Army Band and other Police Bands. They wear them as a symbol of pride. It is related to history and can't go out of fashion.

Question: Can I wear mens military drummer jacket at any event?

Answer: You can wear a Green Drummer Military Doublet- Bespoke at a formal event like a Marriage Ceremony. It would be the best choice to wear at a Dance Party and give a pure gentleman look with this jacket. This is perfect to wear with a Tartan Kilt or with another desired outfit.

Question: What kind of accessories makes my Jacket & Waistcoat more astounding?

Answer: Jackets & Waistcoat always gives a Gentleman Look. This amazing attire adds the legacy of Scottish heritage. That boosts confidence in your body language. There are a lot of accessories that make your wardrobe more attractive & distinguish. You can match up amazing Tartan Kilt with it that provides a magnificent appearance in every gathering. Moreover, you can order for Tartan Sporrans, Tartan Purse, Tartan Tie, Tartan Trouser or Trew, Fly Plaid with Fly Plaid Brooch that'll help to tie your plaid, Kilt Flashes which is perfect for any size of Kilt Hose. This also helps you to get connected with highlander culture in a more elegant way by its noble style.