There is a variety of different Tartan weights available, but when having a kilt made, there are only two medium and heavy weights that we believe work best. We do not use lightweight tartans, and that is because they do not swing or hand properly. Not only that, but they also do not tend to stay straight, crisp and sharp. Lightweight kilts tend to crease and wrinkle when they are sat in for short periods of time, and that is likely not the well put together look you are hoping for. Many kilt wearers are able to tell when a lightweight kilt is being worn by another for this reason. They are most commonly used in fashion kilts or non-traditional kilts, and that is not how we like to make them. Instead, we use tartan material that is woven into 13 and 16 ounce weights, because Imperial Highland Supplies believes that this gives the perfect balance of pleat-crease retention, warmth, swing, durability and simplicity of wear.