Question: How to clean Practice Chanter?

Answer: The Black Practice Chanter is made with strong material with high accuracy. Here are some tips to clean this instrument. After the practice, you should dry the moisture from the interior. You can blow into the reed to take all the moisture out. Use a towel and brush for this process. Always remember to assemble it correctly for a nice sound.


Question: What setting do I tune my Practice Chanter to?

Answer: You can easily do this process with a Black Practice Chanter. Gently place the reed in the chanter and you need to tune the tenor Drone to low A, check its tune and adjust it. Then test each note and tune if anyone has flat sound. Your setting is complete. Remember, The sharp notes can be flat with the help of a tune tape by covering a little area of the hole.


Question: What key is a Practice Chanter in?

Answer: You can easily practice the Black Practice Chanter and play the tune with the key of Bb. The Eb sound can also produce with this instrument.


Question: How long is a traditional Practice Chanter?

Answer: The Black Practice Chanter is associated with the Scottish and Irish culture. You get three parts with a box. It is about 19 inches in length with you completely assembling this instrument.