Question: Are Bagpipes Irish or Scottish?

Answer: The Rosewood Bagpipe Professional Set is one of the unique instruments. Both countries are associated with it but there is a little difference between the Irish people use two drones reeds and Scottish use an extra drone. They play with their military, police, or other bands and it plays an important role among them.

Question: Are Rosewood Bagpipes good?

Answer: We have a Rosewood Bagpipe Learning Set that is Fully Functional. Specially designed for beginners to easily master this instrument. The wood is seasoned, bored, and manufactured with High precision by experts. As well as the quality, its price is also fair as compared to other stores.

Question: Do Scottish and Irish play Bagpipes?

Answer: Yes, Bagpipes are associated with both countries as a historic instrument. It plays an important part in Scottish and Irish people. They are specially used for military forces and there are so many different bands to play it proudly.