Question: Can you recommend the most economical, yet good quality practice or kitchen pipes for learning bagpipes?

Answer: We recommend you to choose the Rosewood Practice Chanter. This instrument is about 19 inches long and made with High-precision. It is perfect to start with, you can ignite your passion and easily get it at a reasonable price. Comes with Free Plastic Reed and a wooden box.


Question: How can I get Chanter for practice?

Answer: You can easily buy a Rosewood Practice Chanter at Imperial Highland Supplies. We offer you to buy this beautifully designed instrument at a fair price. These are crafted by experts to ensure the perfect tune. Get a Plastic reed and a wooden box for free with it. Place an order right now and follow your dreams.


Question: How to put a reed in a Practice Chanter?

Answer: It is simple to put Rosewood Practice Chanter. There are three parts to the box. Place the Reed and adjust in the seat, it should not be too tight. Then simply join the two parts of the pipe. You can start practice within a few minutes.


Question: How to play a Chanter?

Answer: You can easily play a Rosewood Practice Chanter and get the right sound. Exercise the Low G sound by covering all the holes with your fingers in a proper way. Try it and maintain your tone. You need a firm air to get a nice pitch of the sound. Remember to blow a moderate way, not with too much air pressure.